Roll Down a Ramp

To roll down a ramp you will need balance. It will really open up skateparks to your skating.

Tricks you need to Know

Rolling, Tic tacs, kickturns.

Things to Know

To roll down a ramp you will want to be able to roll and kickturn at a pretty good speed. You need to know how to shift your weight around on the board while rolling. Shifting to adjust your feet and being able to control you balance. You need to be able to crouch and handle a good amount of speed.

When you skate down a ramp you will pick up a lot of speed. You need to be able to relax, stay low and ride it out. At first you may tense up when you start rolling faster. Try to stay loose. It will become second nature soon.

Find a ramp that you can roll down. It can be at a skateparks or someplace in the streets. It needs to be flat on the top and the bottom. You will need enough room to start rolling at it at a 90° angle. You will be rolling straight down the ramp.

Start pushing and get enough speed.

  • Roll straight at the ramp with a good amount of speed.
  • While rolling towards the ramp get your feet into kickturn position. Do this while you are rolling and with time before you get to the ramp.
  • When your front wheels are just about to go off the edge. Crouch by bending your knees.
  • Stay low and roll down the ramp.
  • Stay loose as you accelerate. It will be scary at first when you speed up.
  • Stay low and loose and roll out the bottom of the ramps
  • When you get to flat just keep rolling.

Great job.


Just do this a lot. Get used to the speed. Get comfortable with the crouched loose position. This will be useful in keeping you on your feet. As you get better at skateboarding you will need to crouch less and get more upright and relaxed looking.

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