Welcome to skateboardhere. The world's most complete skateboard trick list.
Oh and the best place to learn skateboarding.

I taught myself how to skateboard. It took a long time. Back then it was hard to find info. on how to skate.
Not anymore.
Now I teach you. ;)
For first time skaters and skaters with a few tricks under their belt.
Learn how to skateboard fast with skateboardhere.

  • Trick Tips - Skateboard trick list, how to skateboard.
  • Skateboard Parts - The best decks, trucks, wheels...
  • Ramps/Skateparks - What makes good park and how to build ramps.
  • Culture - History and a skaters life.
  • Blog - Blog and News.

I hope you like it.
Nan @

skateboardhere Blog

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    The Noseslide is an underrated trick. Go get some!

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    Feel the 50-50 Grind. Got grinds? You are turning into a real skater now.

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