Skateboard Ramp Tricks

Skateboard ramp tricks are performed on quarterpipes, halfpipes in bowls and on banks.

Most ramp skating is done on purpose built ramps and in skateparks. On a rare occasion you can find something in the street that you can pull a few ramp tricks on.

The first six tricks here are the foundation of ramp tricks at the lip of a ramp. It was hard to pick these tricks out because there is so much rolling and cruising you need to learn.  So much balance and strength needed to try these moves. Be sure you have mastered the easy and basic skateboard tricks before you go for the ramp tricks.

You will need those basic skills to even get to the top the ramp.

Once they start skating ramp many skaters go for this list here.. I may re-write this list to include many other trick combos. For now this is a list of basic ramp tricks.

Drop In
Rock to Fakie
Tail Stall
Axle Stall
Rock and Roll
Nose Stall
FS Smith

These tricks can be done as stalls or as slides and grinds.

What about the Pros on TV

Most of the tricks the pros do on TV are airs and grabs.  These are advanced and I get into them on a different section.

As a new skater learning how to skate a ramps and doing a few tricks at the top will give you a lot of options while skateboarding.

When skating a halfpipe going up to the top and coming down fakie is a skill worth picking up.

If you are skateboarding in a bowl learning to carve is so fun.

Where do I start with Skateboard Ramp Tricks?

With so many things to learn and so many things to try skateboarding can be overwhelming.

If you stick to just a few moves and get them mastered. When you are ready you can add in more. I have tried to keep these skateboard trick lists a simple as possible. Putting the list in the order that you should learn.

Learning to drop in is a big step in your skateboarding. If you can do the basic tricks you will pull it off easily.  

If you have skipped all the easy and basic moves. Get ready to smash your face. Cause even if you have the nerve to lean into the ramp. If you haven't worked on the balance


Down you will go. I have seen it a thousand times. You choose your best path.  I try and give the safer path.

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