Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll - The front truck is placed over the lip of the ramp and then the board is "rocked" slightly before turning 180 and rolling back into the ramp. The skater rocks then rolls away.

Tricks you need to know

Kickturn, Drop in, pumping, rock to fakie.

Things to know

This will cover the backside rock and roll. Frontside rocks are advanced.

Rock to fakies are a foundation for how to get into this trick. You need to be able to do backside kickturns well. Being able to pull the front truck up high when doing the trick.

For a this trick to work you need to get into position twisted up and ready to kickturn out. The pose that you get into can look and feel stylish. You can really twist up and have fun with it. If you don’t wrap up much or at all then it makes it tougher to turn out of this trick. Unwrapping from the twist is what gives you the momentum to turn all the way out of this trick.

The rock and roll is done in two motions, the stall and a continuous untwisting into the ramp. The rock and the roll.

  • Roll up to the coping with enough speed to get the front half of the board over the coping.
  • Try and get the board stalled on the coping at least at the halfway point or even closer to the tail.
  • Stall for a second in position with your front wheels up and your back wheels below.
  • You want to turn the board to a frontside angle. This will help you push and pull the board around and out of this trick.
  • Your body should twist backside. Your front leg will extend almost straight.
  • Forcefully drop the back wheels onto the ramp and start a high kickturn.
  • Once the back wheels are planted start untwisting your body in a frontside motion.
  • Use that momentum to plant those back wheels hard.
  • Pull the front wheels high, up and over the coping.
  • Your body should untwist and line up with the board at about half way. Where the wheels have already cleared the coping and you are parallel with the coping on your back.
  • Turn the rest of the way backside and place the front wheels down.
  • Crouch to maintain balance and roll away.

Rock and rolls allow a lot of style to be added. It is a pretty simple trick compared to many others. If you get the twist right then pulling out will come pretty easy. Work on stalling in a really tweaked position. Stretch and twist into the stall and have fun with it.


Get this trick down by repeating it over and over. Trying it on larger and steeper ramps will make the exit tougher. There will be a bigger swing from stall to rolling away.

If you really get this trick down you will be able to pump into it and pump out of it. Gaining speed by really pushing on the ramp right through the whole trick. Make it a goal to pull speed out of your lip tricks. The feels good and it keeps your run going long.

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