Backside 180 Ollie

Backside 180 Ollie - An air or ollie where the skater and board spin a half rotation backside. Take off going your normal stance and land switch.

backside 180

Tricks you need to know

Kickturn, ollie, frontside 180. Some balance and confidence while rolling normal and switch.

Things to know

You need to know how to ollie and front 180. You will be turning your body to spin during this trick so some good balance is necessary.

To do this trick wind up and spin 180 while doing an ollie. If all goes well you will land switch. Be sure to have the ability to roll switch without killing yourself.

Backside 180 Ollie

The backside 180 ollie is difficult because your are blind to the trick while turning. You will be facing backwards most of the time and will be unable to see ahead of you. Looking down at your feet may be a challenge at first too.

  • Place your back foot in ollie position.
  • Place your front foot close to ollie position.
  • When crouching to ollie turn your front shoulder heelside. Face away from the direction you are rolling. You want to wind your body up for the coming rotation.
  • As you start to jump for the ollie turn your body backside. Look backwards letting your shoulders and the rest of your body follow the rotation.
  • Pop the board and begin the ollie. You will be backwards while travelling in the air.
  • Your feet will follow the rest of your body in the rotation.
  • To land put down the front truck.
  • You can finish up the rotation by pivoting around on the front truck.

Just like the fs 180 you can land a few ways.
Sliding the board around. If you land both wheels before you finish the rotation just slide it out on the ground.

On the front truck with a little pivot. It is common to land this way. You can just kind of grab the ground with you front of your board a rotate around once you get used to it.

Landing on all four wheels. This is a more advanced. Do this for style points once you are good at rotating in the air.

Get your frontsides down first

Backside 180's are tougher so don't bother with them until you have the front 180's down.

Try it Fakie

When doing rotation tricks fakie it is much easier to spin. That is because the center of your spin can take place over the "back" truck. Of course since you are going fakie your back truck is actually the leading truck.

Doing a halfcab or fakie backside 180 ollie is a simple trick to land. Learn it early. Practice doing a fakie frontside kickturn a lot and then start putting the pop into it. That is a half cab. Nice one!

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