Frontside Heelflip

The Frontside Heelflip - is a frontside 180 ollie with a heelflip.

Tricks to Learn First

Ollie, frontside 180 ollie, kickflip, heelflip, backside flip, frontside flip.

Things to know

This trick done rolling normal is difficult. Here is a video of what it looks like:

It is much easier to do a frontside heelflip fakie. For that reason I will describe it done fakie. Doing it this way will get you out there and doing this trick much faster.

You really need to get those other tricks listed under your belt before you get going on this one. It will take a high pop and good board control to land it.

To do this trick rolling fakie:

  • Set up in a heelflip position.
  • Get you body set up to twist a fakie frontside 180.
  • Start turning and Jump.
  • Pop the board heelflip by flicking you foot straight off the nose. This will allow you body to rotate with the board.
  • When it flips you want to rotate with it.
  • Catch the flip and keep rotating 180 while you land.
  • You may need to pivot or slide those wheels to get the trick around all the way 180.

When you really get used to doing this trick you will get better at catching it and completing the 180. With practice you will develop better style. Eventually if your are good. You will be able to catch the flip at 90° and turn the board the rest of the way in the air. That is the way a pro would do it. We can aim to do tricks that well. There are a lot of ways of landing tricks well that aren't quite as well popped as the pros though. Aim for that first.

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