Crooked Grind

Crooked Grind - Aka Crooks, Pointer Grind, or the K-grind after Eric Koston. A front truck grind where the nose touches and the front truck is pushed all the way crooked with all of the weight on the hanger right by the wheel. The board is posed crooked. The truck looks crooked.

Tricks to know

Ollie, 50-50, noseslide, nollie, nose manual pop off a pad.

Things to know

A crooked grind locks in really well. If you can’t find the lock it is pretty awkward. Once you get the lock staying in grind is simple. You just balance the right amount of weight on the truck and nose.

To pop out of this trick you need to be able to nollie pop without the pop. You can do it off the end of the ledge/rail or in the middle which is advanced.

I will describe the backside crooks. Frontside crooks are a tougher position and pretty advanced.

The crooks is a balance between the weight on the truck and the weight on the nose. You need just enough placed on the nose so that you grind smooth. Too much and the deck will act like a brake that stops the trick dead.

To do this trick you want to have noseslide. You will be landing in a crooked noseslide position. It will be an awkward landing at first until you find the groove. Once you find the right spot this trick really locks in well.

  • Roll in ollie position with good speed parallel with the edge
  • Ollie and land the nose and front truck on the edge at a 45° angle.
  • Be heavy on the hanger and light on the nose. Too much weight on the nose and it will stick.
  • As you lock in really pinch the heelside wheel while grinding.
  • Pop a nollie off to clear the back wheels.

If you can make the pop this trick will feel really good. You can get the grind down well but without the pop out you are sunk. You can do a 180 kickturn out off the front truck but that is a cheat. Learn the pop out. It is great.


Try doing a nollie pop off drops from curbs and ledges. Just roll and pop the nose a little at the edge of the drop. Get used to this. It is needed to pull this grind.

Often you will pop into a noseslide when you land. If this happens make sure the your are landing at the 45° angle. If you end up landing totally on the truck in a nose grind. Turn towards the 45° angle again.

The angle lets your hanger catch the edge and the wheel to get pinched. This is the key to locking into the crooked.

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