Nosegrind - A grind on the front truck. The nose can touch. For good quality balance on only the truck.

Tricks to know

Ollie, noseslide, 50-50, 5-0, nose manual, crooked grind.

Things to know

I will describe the frontside nosegrind. Doing it backside is similar to the backside crooked grind. If you learn that and a frontside nose grind you will have a good variety of tricks to choose from.

This trick involves balancing on your front truck and sometimes the nose of the deck. You need to stay over the front of the board. With your body and board parallel to the edge you are grinding.

When the nose touches it will provide extra balance. Be very light with the contact or the deck will stick and grind will stop dead.

Try this off the end of a ledge or rail. The pop out is much easier.

Stay light on the board to grind this trick. The more you do it the more you an lay into the grind with weight.

  • Facing the edge
  • Roll towards the edge with good speed in ollie position. Have your front foot closer to the nose then a normal ollie.
  • Pop the ollie and get over the edge like you are going to land in 50-50.
  • Put your front foot out towards the nose and keep your back foot up higher.
  • Point the nose down to touch the edge first and keep the back foot high so that the back of the board stays up.
  • Land on the front truck and let the nose of the deck hit the edge.
  • Keep as much weight as possible on the truck and let the nose just touch.
  • Grind and get ready to pop out like you would in a nose manual.
  • Pop out by unweighting your body to let the front truck off and clear the back wheels.


Try this trick by grinding only a short distance, less than a board length. This will allow you to get in a pop out without getting the deck stuck in a long grind. Try and grind longer and longer.

Be sure to get the edge waxed up enough that you can actually grind it.

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