Game of SKATE

The rules of a Game of SKATE:

This is like playing HORSE with a basketball.

Do rock-paper-scissors (roe-sham-bo) to see who goes first. The winner sets the trick.

Skater 1 will set a trick
Then skater 2 must do the same trick.
If skater 2 misses they get a letter.

Then skater 1 sets another trick.
If skater 1 misses then Skater 2 sets the trick.

The first skater to get all the letters in SKATE losses.
Last trick gets two tries.

If there is a big group of people do 1's and 2's until you are down to just two. Then rock-paper-scissors.


To win a game of SKATE you need to have a bag of tricks and a plan. 5 tricks wins it but usually people will land a few of them. You need at least 10 tricks that you can do well. The more the better if you need to use them.

You need to keep your opponent on their toes. Do your trick quickly and match there set as quickly after they do it as possible.

If you win roe sham bo:
Win the game by pre-choosing your tricks and doing them as fast as you can.

If you lose roe sham bo:
Do the trick quickly after the opponent does them. Keep the focus on them.

The strategy can vary depending on how good you or you opponent is. You can wear down a lesser skater with simple tricks if you are interested in that. The best thing to do to win is hit your best five difficult tricks in a row and fast. Roll and do your trick. Then get set to do your next trick.

Good tricks to try are less common ones. They include pressure flips, body varial combs and lateflips (if you can do them)

I try to do:
3 flip
fakie 3 flip
fakie frontside flip
nollie front bigspin

Add in a frontside flip if needed. a fakie sexchange heelflip is good. switch flip and switch front shuv is not bad.

game of skate

This game plan can end quick but if you miss you gotta be good enough to keep up.
A really good player has five tricks to crush their opponent with. Practice them and get them down.

Warm up but don't get tired. Let your opponent tire in practice. When you play be ready and have your tricks ready too.


Pick tough tricks to win the game of skate. Heelflip and switch variations. Don't do "filler" tricks unless you risk losing.

The opponent goes and you go right after with your picked trick. You have a set of tricks in order to pick from and you do them in that order. Not having to make the decision gives you control. You just do the next one on the list quickly.

This puts the focus on your opponent the whole game and keeps them scrambling to keep up. They tire while you stay cool and move to the next trick.


Keep in the game of SKATE with the less difficult tricks the opponent usually picks. It is often that the player will pick easy ones to stay in the game. Rather than trying to get you out quick. They will choose simple tricks and be slow to choose the next one.

You need to be able to do the simple ones to to keep in the game.

When your opponent goes. Go after as quickly as you can. Always keeping the focus on them to pick and pull the next trick. The pressure can wear them down and cause them to mess up.

There is a tendency to pick easy tricks and keep the game going. Or to do a simple trick first to give you opponent a chance. If your goal is to win then do difficult tricks and do them quickly. That is the key to winning.

If you want to play longer then add more letters or play again. Play Add a Trick if you like doing a lot of tricks.

Play for Fun

This is a fun game to play with friend. It is good for a warm up if you are skating a spot. Or just to do when bored at the skatepark. It is also a good game to play for a skateboard contest. It isn't too long and really tests how good a skater you are.

The rules vary and when skating for fun I often give do overs. Just to keep the game going.

Have fun with it. If you want to win then use this strategy. It may be less fun. I usually go for fun over winning in the Game of SKATE.

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