skateboard matrix

This represents my ideas on skateboarding. This line of thinking about skateboard tricks began as soon as I started skateboarding. It took 20 years for me to come up with this. Here is a draft of what I came up with.
Nathaniel Adie

There is a symmetry to skateboarding. Flip one way, flip back again. Look at the shape of the deck and our feet. How do they move?
The movements: roll, turn, spin, kickturn, pop, shuvit, flip.
Skateboard tricks are related by this symmetry. You can make combinations of any of these tricks. These combinations make most of the skateboard tricks you can do. 

Using the ollie as the central move, the combinations can be represented in a diagram. The middle row for ollie tricks and combinations. The top row for kickflip variations and the bottom row for heelflip variations. The ollie is in the middle column. The adjacent columns are for the 180 spins. Then 180 shuvits. Then alternating between addition 180 spin and additional 180 shuvit. One side being for backside spins and the other for frontside spins.
When organized this way the lowest difficulty moves are in the center and the difficulty increases as you move away from the center.

The diagram could be shuffled and made graphical. The diagram begins to look like a skateboard deck. The tricks getting more difficult until the rounds end of the deck where the combinations become so difficult that the edge stops. Other diagrams have been made for rolling, ollie, slides, grinds, grabs, footplants, ramp stalls, airs and other moves.

Trick Notation

You can make a skateboarding shorthand. A symbol for each trick. The combination of tricks can also be represented. A notation simple enough to be hand drawn can be used to indicate the movement of each trick. This notation can indicate things like ollie, nollie, fakie, switch. Combining the diagram with the notation can produce a visual skateboard matrix of tricks. 


A diagram and the notation can be combined into one matrix. A Skateboard-Matrix. A Skatrix.

The Skatrix and can be used to show building blocks of tricks. The combination of two separate tricks into one new move further out on the Skatrix. The further away from the center or start point the more difficult the move is to execute.

You can look at gaps in your abilities and see where a lower level trick could be mastered and then applied to a new more difficult trick. You can see many easier tricks and learn them quickly.

The Skatrix can help you decide what to do or learn on a skateboard to increase your abilities.

Dynamic Skatrix

I wan to produce a dynamic skatrix that shows each trick name, symbol symbol and a POV animation of the trick. Mouse over or click on a symbol and you go to a tutorial of the trick.

Click on the symbol to go to the trick.

All ideas, words, images and graphics are the property of Nathaniel Adie. Copyright in whole, part or any form. All rights reserved.

Thank you
Nathaniel Adie